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Plant City Animal Hospital, 1906 Jim Redman Parkway, Plant City, Florida 33563 Phone: 813-752-3073
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    PLEASE NOTE: This is
    updated information Effective 3-19-20 5 pm

    Plant City Animal
    Hospital is continuing to carefully monitor the developing situation regarding
    the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak.  We
    have no immediate plans for closure and currently are continuing to offer inpatient
    and outpatient treatments.  We are still
    performing surgeries, but scheduling of any elective surgeries is currently
    .  (If your pet has an elective
    procedure scheduled, we are trying to proceed with those surgeries, but it may
    be become  necessary to reschedule.)   If the CDC or state or national health
    authorities issue recommendations or mandates regarding business closures we
    may have to limit or temporarily cease our current operations.  Over recent weeks, for your protection we
    have instituted additional disinfecting of surfaces that you would routinely
    come in contact with while in our facility.

    In order to reduce the
    chance of your exposure or exposure of our staff we are instituting temporary
    changes to our normal operating procedures. 
    We hope to be able to continue offering healthcare to your pets during
    this uncertain time.  In the event of
    staff exposure to an infected individual, quarantine requirements could require
    closure for an extended time.

    Our reception area
    and waiting room are temporarily closed to outside access.
     Effective Immediately, we will be offering
    only a curbside service option for your pets. 

    (Think of it as VIP Service.)  When
    you arrive at the office, please call our number 813-752-3073 and let us know
    you are here.  A member of the staff will
    check you in over the phone and gather all pertinent information.  When we are ready to admit your pet for
    treatment, we will call you (the call may come from a number you do not
    recognize) and a member of our staff will meet you at the door and take your
    pet into the hospital and you will return to the comfort of your car to wait during
    your pet's visit.  Our staff member will
    place a disinfected leash on you dog, and you will be asked to remove any
    collars, leashes or clothing items from your pets.  (These items can serve as a source of virus
    transfer if contaminated.)  All cats will
    need to be in an enclosed carrier for their protection, No Exceptions
    always recommend transporting cats this way as it decreases the likelihood of
    them becoming frightened and getting away from you during transport.) 

    Staff will call you
    if we need any additional history, Dr. Wicker will call and discuss any
    findings or treatment recommendations and answer any questions you have.   Your
    pet will be treated and when treatment has been completed, we will call you to
    go over the charges and any medication instructions.  We will then accept payment over the phone (We
    are providing this service for your protection even though it costs us more to
    do so.)  If you must pay in cash, we will
    credit any overpayment to your account rather than providing change.  (Note: If you prefer, we can e-mail your
    itemized receipt rather than providing you a paper copy while there.)  We will notify you when the transaction is complete,
    and you will then come back to the door to be reunited with your pet.   (In some cases, a staff member may come to
    your car if needed e.g., if we cannot reach you by phone.)  

    If you have a pet
    that is difficult to handle unless you are present, you may need to reschedule
    to a later date.

    We recommend
    maintaining an effective social distance from others when you are waiting
    outside or approaching and leaving the front door.   Please
    be courteous of others that are waiting. 

    If you have an emergency,
    please call in advance so we can prepare for your arrival.
     (This is always a good idea because if Dr.
    Wicker is in surgery or not in the office, our staff can help direct you
    elsewhere and avoid delays in your pet receiving treatment.)

    The same procedure
    will be followed when you need to pick up medication, food etc.  Give us a call when you arrive to pick up
    medication, food etc.  We will accept
    payment and notify you when to come to the door to pick up your medication,

    currently there are still no reported cases of COVID-19 causing illness in
    pets. However, the A.V.M.A. recommends that if an individual in your home is
    ill, they should avoid contact with the pets. 
    There is a possibility that virus on their fur (just like virus on other
    surfaces) could infect others.  

    If you need to bring
    in a pet that has had exposure to infected individuals, (or individuals with
    fever or respiratory symptoms), please notify us so additional precautions may
    be taken.  If you are ill (fever,
    respiratory or flu-like symptoms) do not bring in your pet.  If it is a necessity for your pet to be seen,
    find someone else to bring your pet. 
    we wish you a speedy recovery.)

    Lastly, please be
    patient as we operate under these new procedures.  Due to these additional requirements, it may
    take longer and we may be behind schedule. 
    If your pet is scheduled for wellness checkups, vaccinations or elective
    surgeries and you would rather reschedule their appointment, please let us
    know.  As we adjust to these new
    procedures, we will alter our scheduling to try to avoid delays when you are

    We will continue to
    monitor the situation and post updates on our Facebook
    website www.plantcityanimalhospital.com As always, please contact us by phone
    813-752-2073 or e-mail info@plantcityanimalhospital.com with any questions.

    As always, our goal
    is to provide quality healthcare to your pet in a friendly and caring
    environment for you.  We will do our best
    to do so even in these difficult times.


    Dr. Wicker and the staff of Plant City Animal Hospital

    This information is available in the following file:


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